Suresh's 10 Favourite Suresong Music Products of 2022


(... in no particular order)

Oop… Sorry Sweatshirt

Sorry, but this is a Canadian joke. #ifyouknoyouknow 

Seasonal Songs Booklet + Cards

This is from a project that is very dear to my heart. Three years of work and patiently waiting went into this. It started with a single song about winter to pay back an old friend for a musical favour, and it turned into a four movement song cycle about the four seasons of the year in Southern Ontario, complete with original artwork by Alana McCarthy, music videos and a greeting card set featuring that artwork, and the song lyrics printed as a booklet of poetry.

Now, if you're feeling EXTRA fancy/generous and want to #treatyoself to a nice hoodie, framed print, puzzle, mug, or t-shirt, the profits from those items are split between the composer, vocalist, and illustrator. All of those items also include the booklet and greeting card set, so they're an even better value. 

Made possible by a generous grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

The Raccoon King of Tronno - Premium Hoodie

This hoodie is SO loud and absurd, I’ve had strangers come up to me and ask where I got it when I’ve worn it. 🤣❤️ The premium, all-over print is meant to last for decades (the design is printed into the fabric before the fabric is cut and sewn together, and the relaxed fit + brushed fleece inside makes this super comfortable to wear. 

Premium US College Style Composer Sweatshirts

When our manufacturer made larger embroidered designs available this autumn, I was thrilled that we could finally offer the composer College Style sweatshirts with embroidery along side the printed text designs from last year. Throw in the bonus of these premium sweatshirts’ extra soft material, and any of these sweatshirts will instantly become a favourite in a musician’s wardrobe. There are also hoodies using this design theme, and if you're on a tighter budget, there are printed sweatshirts, hoodies, and short-sleeve t-shirts at more affordable price points. 

St. Thomas Less - 11oz Ceramic Mug

I just love this punny mug because it took a while to extend that green backdrop to fill the space revealed behind St. Thomas More. (Back in the days before Photoshop had a “Context Aware Fill” command). 

Canadian Provinces & Territories Flags + Sorry - Embroidered Front & Printed Back Sweatshirt

Formatting the flags for the circle format of this design took some tedious work, but when I received my first sample order of this sweatshirt, I knew it was worth the time and effort.

Composer Alphabet Unisex T-Shirt


Another one of those tedious AF projects that’s worth wasn’t confirmed until I saw the first sample order with my own eyes. This is one of my favourite t-shirts right now, and I can't wait until the weather is warm enough to wear it outside again. 

O Holy Knit - Faux Ugly Christmas Sweater (Printed Sweatshirt)

I thought of this pun earlier this year, decided to make 4 more ugly Christmas sweater designs to dress brass quintet for the music video for my brass quintet Christmas EP, then got a littler carried away and made another 10 designs. Then I realised that brass quintet Christmas EP should PROBABLY include an arrangement of “O Holy Night”, so I wrote that arrangement in a few days and now it’s one of my favourite arrangements on the EP. Kinda hilarious, right? Thanks Mr. LeVar Burton #bydhttmwfi 

Bee-Thoven T-shirt

I was playing with A.I. art generators this summer when I realised I had 6 years of puns to try out. This was one of my favourite results. 

Hurt Vonnegut - Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Speaking of puns, I made a meme with this pun back in 2016. I used photos of the great Kurt Vonnegut for that meme, so I asked Toronto based illustrator Alana McCarthy if I could hire her for an illustration for a t-shirt and mug design. I was thrilled with her art, and treated myself to a mug last year. I finally had a chance to finish the t-shirt design this year.